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W5VE Running JT65

This is my computer-assisted amateur radio station, W5VE. Many people think ham radio to be an antiquated hobby. Not so. As we have been for over 100 years, hams are on the leading edge of communications technology. In this short film, I show off my station running the JT65 digital mode.    Send article as PDF   

My Raspberry Pi Knows Morse Code

He’s still a little slow. 😉    Send article as PDF   

ARRL DX Contest, the Movie

Me, participating in the ARRL International DX contest, where hams talk to as many other stations in foreign countries as possible. It’s great fun!    Send article as PDF   

More on Ham Radio Deluxe software


Computer control of amateur radio transceiver … [below] using Ham Radio Deluxe software on a Windows 7 computer to control my Icom IC-7200 transceiver using ONLY a USB cable. Works both well and comprehensively (i.e. all the buttons on the front of the transceiver can be controlled via HRD).    Send article as PDF   

Testing Ham Radio Deluxe

Ham Radio Deluxe is a suite of amateur radio software. Here’s a test of controlling my Icom IC-7200 using a Windows 7 computer. In the process of deciding whether to purchase. So far, looking good! … check the software out here.    Send article as PDF   

A PSK31 QSO: The Movie

Contact on Christmas Day, 2014 on 20 meters using the digital mode PSK-31.    Send article as PDF   

EchoLink Presentation

Presented at my home ham radio club, W4MOE WCARS in Asheville NC on 7-3-14.    Send article as PDF   

Talking to Hollywood

A demonstration of using Echolink (see for details. Echolink allows licensed radio amateur operators to operate radios all over the world using the Internet with this free program. This is the Windows 7 version but I also have an app on my Galaxy S5 phone which does the same.    Send article as PDF