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W5VE’s duoband J-pole

J-poleBought a 2 meter/440 J-pole at the hamfest in Waynesville NC on Saturday. Did a temporary installation (need some mast standoffs for putting it up high). Works really nice though, even at this lower height. J-poles are NEAT.

Tex Ralph, Radio Ranger

20140729_110937[1]I played Tex Ralph on local TV for 104 episodes, I lived in Texas for awhile, my call is W5VE, I share the home ranch with two horses, wear a white cowboy hat … and I now have two handheld radios ... reckon I can call myself a Radio Ranger if I wants ....... went to the WCARS Hamfest in Waynesville NC this past weekend (great hamfest!) and picked up a Baofeng B82X (right), which gives me 2 meter and 220 capability along with my Baofeng UV--5RE+ (left, Nogoya 771 antenna) for 2 meter and 440. With the two channel monitoring and scanning frequencies on each, I'm ready for whatever rides in over the horizon.

Nagoya 771 antenna

EchoLink Presentation

Presented at my home ham radio club, W4MOE WCARS in Asheville NC on 7-3-14.