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Radio Fishing

20140828_095119[1]W5VE is ready for some ham radio fishing! … got extended antennas on both my handhelds (Baofeng UV-82X -- 2 meters and 220 -- and Baofeng UV-5RE+ -- 2 meters and 440. ... next, an HF SSB transceiver to pull in the whales!

New mobile antenna


Got myself a Browning BR-180 mobile duoband mobile antenna for 2m/440 ... works great. Lot more repeater range.

My 51-year-old Morse Code Key

20140821_094057[1]Operating Morse code 51 years ago … Last week I found my first telegraph key. Remember buying it at Freck Radio Supply in Asheville for $3.95. It still works great. The key is shown here on my WN4NUO novice class log book with the page for 8-20-63 showing. I soon upgraded and got the call WA4NUO, which I kept to last May. then stepped up to my present 1x2 call, W5VE.

Some people say CW (Morse code) is obsolete but it still gets messages through when all other modes fail.

Ham Radio Payload to Circle the Moon

moon “A lunar flyby with a ham radio payload transmitting JT65B mode on 145.990 MHz is expected to take place toward the end of this year, giving earthbound radio amateurs the opportunity to receive some otherworldly DX signals as the payload flies around the Moon.

China has announced plans to launch a lunar orbiter carrying a 14 kg battery-powered payload known as 4M-LXS, which was developed at LuxSpace. Signals from the Amateur Radio payload can be decoded using the free WJST software by Joe Taylor, K1JT.

The orbiter is one of the test models for Beijing’s new lunar probe Chang’e-5, which will land on the moon, collect samples, and return to Earth. The launch, planned for 4th quarter 2014, is aimed at testing technologies that are vital for the success of the spacecraft. The orbiter will be launched into Lunar Transfer Orbit and then perform a lunar flyby before re-entering Earth’s atmosphere after 9 days. The orbiter, which arrived by air in Xichang, Sichuan, on Sunday, August 10, has been transported to the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. — Thanks to AMSAT-UK ..." ...

VHF/UHF mobile antenna

20140815_180618[1]New VHF/UHF mobile antenna … replaced my $9 eBay antenna with this baby today. 2.5 db gain on 2 meters, 5.5 on VHF. Has a magnet mount that if you hooked a chain to it, would lift the car. More importantly, hitting the local repeaters pretty much full quieting now. … Now have good antennas for base, mobile, and portable operation. ..... next, HF!

The REAL test of a new antenna …

20140814_075942[1]… is it there the next morning? … bit of wind last night but the new VHF/UHF antenna came through fine. In these pics, checking it about 7:30 am on a very foggy morning. I can honestly say my antenna pokes up into the clouds! Well, so long as they’re about 30′ off the ground like today. 😉 –Ralph, W5VE

New J-Pole Up!

Knight-Kit T-60 Transmitter

In 1963, my first ham radio transmitter. Still in high school, I worked and scrounged enough to buy this baby. It came in kit-form and took me a week or so to build... and it WORKED. So when my first license from the FCC arrived, WN4NUO, I was ready! Made a lot of contacts. Great rig.


W5VE, foot-mobile 4 on way to work


His handheld ham radios: (left) Baofeng B82X 2 meters/1.25 cm, (right) Baofeng UV-5RE+ 2 meters/70 cm ... Radio Ranger, ready for action. Roger that, eh?

ARRL at 100: A Century of Ham Radio

A 30-minute video. Enjoy!