Monthly Archives: November 2014

W5VE HF progress

20141124_143331[1]Closer after today’s mail to having an HF station again. Received a QSO King end-fed antenna (160 thru 6 meters including all the WARC bands). The large white cylinder is an antenna isolator. No RF burns for me -- been there, done that. ... Also won an antenna tuner on eBay (manual but can always upgrade to an autotuner later). ... Already had the power supply. Have antenna masts ready. Need an eye bolt and a couple of regular bolts to mount the antenna's balun. ... Oh, and one other minor thing, need an ssb transceiver. Still shopping for that.


DXing from Waterrock Knob

Beautiful Fall day yesterday. Drove up to Waterrock Knob, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway west of Waynesville NC. Parking lot’s at 5820 elevation. Worked both through repeaters and simplex on 2 meters, 220, and 440. Lots of contacts. Great place for VHF and UHF. See a photo slide show below.

New license tag

20141108_130950[1]Two things in life give me pride — my military service and my amateur radio service. Years ago, I had special state-issued amateur radio tags with my call letters. But after getting a Bronze Star tag a number of years ago, had to give up the call letters. Recently, Norman, N4NH (thanks, Norman!) pointed out I could have BOTH! It came today. A combination Bronze Star / call letter tag! (in NC this only works if you have a 1x2 call, total 4 characters). --W5VE