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My 2nd PSK31 QSO … this is on the 20 meter band, amateur radio using PSK31 — a digital mode where you type messages back and forth. This guy is in Florida and I’m in North Carolina. George has been a ham since 1945, longer than I’ve been alive, and is still on the sharp edge of technology.

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Back on 160 – 6 meters

7200-2Got an early Christmas present yesterday — an Icom IC-7200 amateur radio transceiver with an IT-100 automatic antenna tuner. Hurriedly finished stringing up my 117-foot end-fed antenna (QSO King). Practically no SWR on all bands from 160 – 6 meters (I checked). … Getting great signal and audio reports. This is one SWEET little rig and the QSO King is fantastic also. Since I’ve been off HF for many years, this radio’s very significant to me and megatons of fun!

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Actor Tim Allen Gets His Ham Ticket


Pretty much cool beyond belief … “Actor and comedian Tim Allen now not only plays an Amateur Radio operator on television, he is one! Allen got his Technician license on September 4, but did not release the news until this week. In his weekly ABC comedy TV show “Last Man Standing,” Allen’s character Mike Baxter, is supposed to be KA0XTT, and the show has featured ham radio in some episodes. Continue reading…