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Battery Lugs


This the power supply for my Icom 7200. When I the rig last December, I just twisted the wires, bent them into a semicircle, and screwed them down. Not a very secure way of getting power. ... Since Pat won the Yaesu FT8900 at the WCARS hamfest in Waynesville NC, I need both hooked up to the power supply so I could program hers. I went to one of the auto parts stores and got 10/12 gauge battery lugs (cheap) today. Crunched them on and all's fine as shown below. ... Of course, I violate a major rule here, having the wire and the lug only connected mechanically. As they drilled into us when I was learning electronics, you make a mechanical connection to hold two conductors together, then you SOLDER them to make sure you have an electrical connection. I'll get around to that.    Send article as PDF