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Elements Required for a Perfect Ham Station

20150907_100039[3]Needed for efficient amateur radio operation: transceiver, antenna tuner, good microphone, excellent Morse code key, and (most important) a multi cup coffee operator enhancer. This is my personal version of that perfect station. --W5VE

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13 Colonies Award

11224138_10206185948259982_608409981888040627_o[1]July 4th weekend this year, hams all over participated in the 13 Colonies contest. The goal being to make contact with a special amateur radio station in all 13 of the original 13 colonies which formed the nexus for the establishing of these now fifty United States. Not as easy as it might seem at first, only one station in each state and thousands of other hams trying to get an acknowledgement as well. In short, I had a tremendously fun weekend working to get all 13 and made it. My award took almost two months but worth the wait. Already looking forward to next year. It's what we hams do. Have fun! (click on certificate to see it larger).

My Swag from the Shelby Hamfest

20150906_132338[1]It’s a Vibroplex Code Warrior Jr., wonderfully sturdy iambic paddle for Morse code (CW), marvelously crafted and a lot heavier than it looks. Love it. I've had a Vibroplex "bug" (semi automatic key for over fifty years. This acquisition brings me into the modern age. I got to the hamfest earlier specifically looking for a paddle since I want to get back into CW. I would have been delighted with a cheaper BY-1 or anything else of a lesser ilk than the Code Warrior but I lucked into this find at a price less than a used BY-1, etc. Mighty pleased. Yes!

Worked All States (WAS) Award

wasW5VE qualified for the Worked All States award on Sept. 1, 2015. Sponsored by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the rules for this award read in part:  “The WAS (Worked All States) Award is available to all amateurs worldwide who submit proof with written confirmation of contacts with each of the 50 states of the United States of America.” Which means I made a confirmed (a paper “QSL” postcard exchange or an official entry authenticated by both parties online in the ARRL’s Logbook of the World or LoTW) two-way radio contact with one or more harm radio operators in each of the 50 U.S. states.  It took me from Dec. 12, 2014 to Sept. 1, 2015 to achieve these contacts. In this case, all states were confirmed via LoTW. Continue reading…