SDR Radios in the Cloud!

[It’s quite logical when you think about it — lots more computer power in the cloud]


The Cloud-IQ is the latest high performance software defined receiver from RFSPACE. The Cloud-IQ offers two modes of operation. The IQ mode, offers 24 bit, IQ streaming to the PC over ethernet. This mode uses our SpectraVue software or third party programs like SDR-Radio, SDR# and GNU radio. The stand-alone “Cloud” mode includes a built-in internet server. In this mode, the radio performs the tuning and demodulation of signals and transmits the demodulated information back to a PC, OS-X, Linux or Android client anywhere in the world.

How does it compare to the SDR-IQ:

  1. Cloud-IQ offers 1.2288 MHz IQ sample rate vs. 196 kHz of the SDR-IQ.

  2. Uses ethernet interface vs. USB. Can be placed far away from computer.

  3. Sensitivity is over 15 dB better.

  4. Broader frequency coverage of 9 kHz to 56 MHz

  5. Includes low bandwidth cloud mode for access anywhere in the world.

  6. Powered by a small power supply or USB powered.

  7. Includes an internal adjustable trigger for capture of repetitive signals (pulsars, Codar, chirps).

  8. 2 antenna input ports for remote or local selection of two antennas.

  9. All HD2, HD3 products better than -90dBc at -1dB below clipping point.

  10. Includes a wideband 56 MHz wide spectrum analyzer mode.

  11. 10x faster interface

  12. Optional RS-232 3.5mm to DB9 cable for external radio control.

  13. Built-in TCXO


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2 Comments on "SDR Radios in the Cloud!"

  • Just made first contact on slightly used Yaesu FTdx 3000 after fixing loose speaker wire and having it checked out throughly by an expert. Made 59 contact with Cor, LA4UOA in southern Norway. He gave me an excellent audio report just using the standard hand Mike that came with this jewel. Took several tries but got through a big pileup relatively quickly. I think I’m hooked on dx again, just as very weak sunspot cycle 24 is giving up the ghost , but it’s more fun when you have to work hard for it. I rolled the dice on this one and hopefully got a great radio at a fantastic price. BTW, have an Icom 7100 for sale (hello W5YE), if interested give me a call at 8287131149 or Hope this didn’t come across as bragging, cause that’s kinda what it was. 73 and thanks for the space, Ralph.

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