This Morning at the DXcorral

This morning, I was leaning against the fence of the DXcorral, drinking coffee. Last night, I had finished moving this site to my new server and realized it had not been updated in several months. I'll endeavor to do better. One thing will be more about the DXcorral, which encloses my new 43-foot ZeroFive vertical antenna. There's 3000-feet of wire in the ground underneath it -- in the form of 73 radials. Nice low-angle signal, gives my 100 watts good coverage into the South Pacific and elsewhere. Since it went it last September, I've over over 60 countries. My total as W5VE is now 162 worked / 141 confirmed. In about two years, very pleasing. Ham radio, it's a GREAT hobby! ... Oh, the fence is to keep the deer and neighborhood kids from getting RF burns.

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