Ralph Roberts, W5VE

Ralph Roberts grew up in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, falling in love with electronics and becoming a ham radio enthusiast (still is today). He’s a decorated Vietnam veteran, studied electrical engineering, worked for NASA during the Apollo program, and did product engineering for aerospace companies.

In the mid-70s – when personal computers came only as kits in boxes – he built his first one. By 1978, Ralph was writing about and on computers, one of the pioneers in word processing. He still does today.

In 1978 Ralph formed the company that became Creativity, Inc. and still serves as CEO. As a national book publisher, the company has released approximately 1,000 titles in the last 35 years and continues publishing.

He got his Novice license May 23, 1963 WN4NUO and moved up to Conditional WA4NUO later that year. In 1970, he upgraded to Advanced and then Extra in 2014. He also held DL4RR while in the Army in Germany in 1967-68 and established and commanded MARS station AB8AAR in Quan Loi, Vietnam 1969-70. In May of 2014, the FCC granted him W5VE, his current call.

Ralph has done about everything there is to do in amateur radio and continues looking for new stuff. Currently he's fascinated by SDR (Software Defined Radio).

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